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The Forbidden Christmas
Start Time : 2020-12-16
This year we're celebrating Christmas the Mexican way! Like many in her country, Lola's village celebrates the Posada – a traditional Christmas parade full of song. Lola is especially excited about this year, as she will play Mary and ride atop her pet donkey Don Pedro!

But her joy rapidly disappears when she learns that Don Pedro won't be allowed in the church with the rest of the village. Angry tears lead to Lola lying with a twisted ankle on a muddy riverbed, looking up at a bridge that is soon to collapse under the weight of the Posada...

How will it end? To find out, your children will need to complete an "Epic Challenge": a fun task to funnel their enthusiasm for the story into hitting a literacy outcome. This time Chip invites your children to tell the nativity story in a song.

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Epic Tales has entertained and inspired listeners of all ages since 2007 – in schools, theatres, libraries, museums and more – all across the UK and around the world!

We also produced the first online story videos for OxfordOwl.co.uk, so you can trust us to enthral your children with engaging online storytelling – with each tale featuring strong links to various learning outcomes including numeracy and science.

Why "Epic Tales Online"?

With the COVID-19 outbreak introducing many grown-ups and children to homeschooling, while teachers race to support both them and the children of key workers still attending school, we’re doing our bit to help.

Every week we release a new and free folk tale – as online videos, PDFs, and a podcast – plus bonus resources to enhance your Story-Led Learning experience:

  • a weekly Epic Challenge to give your children a fun and engaging activity to “earn” the end of the story – whilst hitting a literacy goal at the same time

  • a weekly podcast with teachers discussing fun ways to draw out each tale’s curriculum links – to every subject in the curriculum, including numeracy, science, and even PE

DECEMBER UPDATE: Sadly, the pandemic is finally taking its toll on Epic Tales. From 2021, we will no longer be able to offer Epic Tales Online fully free-of-charge. We will endeavour to keep the stories free on the date of release, but to have full access to our archive will we need to request a donation to maintain our services.

Thank you for all your support! Please leave us a review on your favourite podcast app and/or social media site to help us spread the word.

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