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About Us

Epic Tales have entertained and inspired listeners of all ages since 2007 – in schools, theatres, libraries, museums and more, all across the UK and around the world!


We also produced the first online story videos for OxfordOwl.co.uk, so you can trust us to enthral your children with engaging online storytelling – with each tale featuring strong links to the National Curriculum.

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Why 'Epic Tales Online'?

With the COVID-19 outbreak introducing many grown-ups and children to homeschooling, while teachers race to support both them and the children of key workers still attending school, we're doing our bit to help.

Every Monday at 9:30am, we release a new and free folk tale – as online videos, PDFs, and a podcast – plus bonus resources to enhance your story-led learning experience:


  • two videos of every story – "basic" and "enhanced" tellings – to help children grow their literacy skills​

  • a weekly Epic Challenge – send your children's creations to us and they can feature in our Friday "Sharing Shpecial"

  • a weekly podcast with teachers discussing fun ways to draw out each tale's curriculum links.


So with all that said, it's time for the...

Story of the Week!

This week: BRAVE MARY

Your young learners will shiver with delight as they encounter ghosts and skeletons... but they needn't fear, as Brave Mary will be by their side! Plus find plenty of free resources sharing easy, engaging, & enthusing ways to explore the curriculum with this tale.

Proving the power of storytelling

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