Supercharge Your Learners’ Love of Literacy through Storytelling

Whether you wish to inspire your learners to read for pleasure, boost their motivation to write, or simply reward them with a day of enthralling experiences, our storytelling authors will make an Epic impact on your school.

What’s more, every booking of a full day or more includes an hour of after-school CPD for your teaching staff as standard, empowering your educators to capitalise on our impact after our visit.

Storytelling Class Options

Reading for Pleasure

A Fabulously Fun Way to Unlock Their Love for Reading

“Our reluctant readers have become recreational readers” – this is what we’re used to hearing from schools we visit even after a single day. Equipped to engage with reading in a more meaningful way, all your learners can...

  • improve their critical thinking;
  • raise their attainment; and
  • develop a habit proven to support social confidence, mental health, and more.

You can book our Reading for Pleasure visits for your whole school, a year group, or even a selected small group of learners.

We recommend your storytelling author meets as many of your learners as possible in an opening assembly. Not only does this allow them to enthuse your whole school about the day ahead, it removes the need for introductions in later breakaway sessions.

With breakaway sessions of 30–55 minutes for up to 90 learners each, your author will share a story with strong links to stories that they already know, opening their eyes to the interconnectedness of stories, books, and other kinds of media. This is the easiest way to enthuse everyone in your school to read for pleasure.

With breakaway sessions of 60+ minutes for up to 40 learners each, your author will guide your learners through fun and exciting activities designed purely to ignite an eager interest in reading more. This is the best way to support specific groups of learners.

Either way, your complimentary after-school CPD will focus on skills and activities your educators can use to further encourage reading around your school, and your author will leave you with a complimentary copy of All the Better to Read You With: Stories & Lessons to Inspire Reading for Pleasure.

Half Day: £300+VAT

Full Day: £500+VAT

After-school CPD: Free when added to Full Day booking; otherwise £200+VAT.

Multi-school/Multi-day: Please enquire to benefit from multi-day discounts (not available during February, March, or December).

Storytelling into Writing (Story Wizards)

Motivate your Learners to Write and Write and Write and…

“Before your visit, he presented as non-verbal. One month later, he’s writing stories in his breaktimes and reading them out loud to his classmates in lessons. He does all the voices too.” —Mother of 6-year-old Noah, Hertfordshire

Our Story Wizards workshops can be booked for an entire school, but please bear in mind that they require a minimum of one 60min session for up to 40 learners. They work best when booked for individual groups over six 60min sessions.

We have four Tiers of Story Wizards, each of which has an online option: 

  • Tier 1, most suitable for Early Years 
  • Tier 2, most suitable for Early Years to KS1 
  • Tier 3, most suitable for KS1, KS2, and KS3 
  • Tier 4, suitable for learners who have completed Tier 3 

We will discuss with you which Tier will be of most benefit for your learners. 

Each Tier uses carefully selected folk tales and activities to first ignite the eager curiosity of your learners, then help them feel empowered to create, and finally encourage them to share their work. By the end, your learners will be inventing their own original work (i.e. not using any pre-existing stories or templates), eager to present it in a way that others can read and enjoy. 

If delivered online, you will receive a series of three videos pre-recorded by one of our storytelling authors and carefully produced to speak directly to your learners, setting them an attractive, exciting challenge. The second and third videos, however, will be pre-recorded after the author has received and reviewed your learners’ work – so the material will be especially tailored to your learners, boosting their motivation beyond measure. 

You will also receive two training videos for your teaching staff – one with general guidance, and another after a week with responses to your questions and comments – along with a complimentary copy All the Better to Write You With.

If delivered in person, Story Wizards can be run in a single day with multiple groups of up to 40 learners, but the ideal is for a single group to have the equivalent of 5–6 hours of sessions. Typically your author will remain with you for one or two weeks, visiting each group for at least an hour each day. 

Any which way, your complimentary after-school CPD will focus on skills and activities your educators can use to further encourage writing around your school, and your author will leave you with a complimentary copy of All the Better to Write You With: Stories & Lessons to Inspire Writing for Pleasure.

Online, up to 4 classes: £300+VAT
Online, up to 8 classes: £500+VAT
Online, up to 24 classes: £1,000+VAT
Half Day (Tier 1 Only): £300+VAT
Full Day: £500+VAT

Up to 3 Days: £1,250+VAT
Up to 5 Days: £2,000+VAT
Up to 7 Days: £2,500+VAT

After-school CPD: Free for all Story Wizard bookings.

Multi-school/Multi-day: Please enquire to benefit from multi-day discounts.

NB: In-person Story Wizards are not available during February, March, or December.

Just for Joy!

Grow Your Expertise with the Best Teaching Method Known to Science

The University of Bath, UCL’s Institute of Education, EU Lifelong Learning… They’ve all released studies over the last two decades proving that learners learn best when taught through storytelling.

Our team includes the original authors of the EU’s guidance on using storytelling in the classroom, and we are a preferred supplier for the National English Hub. So you’ll struggle to find anyone better to inspire, equip, and empower your teaching staff to improve their learners’ attainment through storytelling.

Pick one or more of our three foci…

  • Inspiring Reading for Pleasure
  • Inspiring Writing for Pleasure
  • Knowledge-Rich Learning through Stories

…and then decide on your method of delivery…

Online: Receive up to 5hrs of training videos, plus a further 1–3hrs specially recorded in response to your staff’s questions and comments.

Day Visit: Receive up to 5hrs of in-person training – perfect for INSET days.

Term Course: Receive up to 5hrs of in-person training, plus regular live and recorded online workshops to support your staff as they implement the practices.

NB: We place no cap on how many educators attend the training, making this a fantastic option for school clusters and MATs.

You will also receive one complimentary Fables & Fairy Tales School Bundle, comprising…

  • 1x handbook (All the Better to Read You With, Write You With, or Teach You With)
  • 1x Fables & Fairy Tales Educator Edition
  • 10x Fables & Fairy Tales class readers

Should you require additional bundles, these will be available at the special price of £80 each (zero-rated VAT).

Online: £400+VAT

Half Day: £400+VAT

Full Day: £600+VAT

Term Course: £1,400+VAT

Fables & Fairy Tales School Bundle: First bundle free; further bundles £80 each (zero-rated VAT).

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