Scaring Well at Sacrewell Farm!

30 October 2023

If you went down to the farm this half-term, you might not have gone home again…

At least, not until you’d enjoyed a dazzling light show in an inflatable planetarium, incredible face-painting, a slime-making workshop, or a

wander through an exciting Virtual Reality landscape!

But most of the feedback from visitors to this event agreed: the storytelling in the farmhouse was by far the best part of the day. Those

who dared go under the giant spider’s web had crept warily through a witches’ cavern, and come out in a parlour decorated with magical

floating candles. There they sat next to the bony remains of last year’s audience (we think!) and met Epic’s spooky storyteller for an

enchanting but chilling tale.

Here’s just a selection of comments:

“Absolutely outstanding.” (Grandparent)

“That was just brilliant.” (Parent of c.5-year-old and teen.)

“We love it!” (Son, after bringing his dad back for the third time.)

All of which left our storyteller feeling…


He said, “I’m telling spooky stories! People should be running in terror, never wanting to see me again, not bloomin’ enjoying themselves!

I’m clearly very bad at my job…”

Even so, there’s talk of Immersive Experiences and Epic Tales returning to Sacrewell Farm… Watch this space!

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