Quest for the Skills Challenge Badge

15 November 2023

Earlier this week, our storyteller Chip visited Swavesey Cub Scouts to prepare them for their most exciting adventure yet: creating their own stories to perform for their Skills Challenge Badges.

After gasping at the power of stories to enchant, inspire, and even save lives, the Cubs were raring to give it a try themselves. But first, they had to guide Chip through dangerous terrain in pursuit of a magical football – one that would make sure its owner scored a goal every time!

Collecting the magical football wasn’t easy. Chip had to dodge a whole army of club-wielding goblins to get it – and by this point, his horse Steven had already run off into the distance…

Still, the Cubs proved themselves creative enough to help Chip succeed on his quest – and then they attempted their own. They had to rely on all their finest Scouting knowledge and skill to evade zombies over narrow rope bridges, climb rock faces to escape flying sharks, build fires to ward off giant beasts, and more.

Ultimately, the Cubs surprised themselves with the extent of their imaginations, and also their ability to share their stories effectively. As a reward at the end of the hour-long workshop, Chip shared a short, spooky story perfect for winter campfires…

We wish all the Cubs the best of fun for their final Skills Challenge Badge performances!

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