Watery Wonders

Can a kind fisherman escape an underwater kingdom? Will three best friends see each other again after falling from a cloud? Find out in these two fun & enthralling stories for ages 6+!

Author: Chip Colquhoun
Illustrators: Korky Paul and Mario Coelho

Category: Children’s Fiction

Price : £7.00
Price Signed : £17.00
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Urashima Taro's kindness towards the creatures of the sea is rewarded with a trip to the Underwater Kingdom – but will he be able to return home when he needs to?

Best friends Drip, Drop, and Plop hope to always be together. But they are also... water droplets! And when they fall from their cloud, will they ever see each other again?

Find out in this collection of two enthralling short stories, each as fun as a flume ride! (But you'll stay much more dry...) For independent readers aged 7+ or reading aloud to ages 4+.

Chip Colquhoun & Korky Paul's Fables & Fairy Tales: Inspiring stories from around the world, retold to inspire you.

These two short tales are great for reading aloud at bedtime with listeners aged 4+, and are also excellent for new and experienced independent readers aged 7+. Each features three beautifully detailed illustrations.


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