Bullies vs the Bold

Who is the real king of the jungle? What is grandma’s advice for dealing with a wicked boggart? Find out in these two fun & enthralling stories for ages 6+!

Author: Chip Colquhoun
Illustrators: Korky Paul and Mario Coelho

Category: Children’s Fiction

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Whoever called Lion The REAL King of the Jungle clearly hadn’t met Tenduay the Leopard. Tenduay’s appetite is ten times that of Lion’s, and may destroy the entire jungle... 

Farmer Rob arrives in the village of Mumby to find all the villagers hiding from a vicious creature. Will Grandma’s advice help him save the day, or will he end up inside the belly of a Boggart? 

Find out who is still standing at the end with this collection of two fun and enthralling short stories! 

Chip and Korky’s Fables & Fairy Tales present inspiring stories from around the world, retold to inspire you! 

These two short tales are great for new and experienced independent readers aged 6+, or reading aloud to ages 4+. Each features three beautifully detailed illustrations.


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