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Past Stories
Prince Lindworm
Themes include: keeping safe; contamination & hygiene; handwashing; food; Roald Dahl; growing & changing; prejudice.
Pirate Grace and the Mermaid Medicine
Themes include: keeping safe; contamination & hygiene; rules; drugs; doubling; physical education.
Anansi's Quest of Quests
Themes include: story structure; instructions; designing; pivots and mechanics; African creatures.
The Dance of Persephone
Themes include: keeping safe online; Ancient Greeks; architecture; music and song; food and farming.
Muddled Jack
Themes include: learning skills; general motor skills; farm animals; human & natural features on maps; biology; circles, perimeter, area.
Fish in the Forest
Themes include: overcoming "blank page" fear; jobs; archaeology; designing experiments; planning and measurements; safeguarding.
Merchant Ali and the Forty Brigands
Themes include: dealing with fear; multiplication and division; punctuation; confidence; ethics.
Sir Fulladred and the Dragon's Heart
Themes include: expanded noun phrases; self-awareness; shapes; symbolism; sensory journeys.
The Potion of Poetry
Themes include: poetry; rhyming; Vikings; coding & computing; research skills; designing and writing instructions.
Brave Mary
Themes include: bravery; overcoming fear; poetry; history — jobs of the past; famous individuals; feminism; money.
The Distant Fire
Themes include: working together whilst social distancing; counting in tens; fractions; persuasive writing; friendship.
Ug, Bug, and Dug
Themes include: Stone Age; fire; persistence; survival; logic problems; cave art.
The Three Sillies
Themes include: problem-solving; electricity; statistics; challenging stereotypes; characteristics; adjectives; designing fit for purpose.
The Eel Catcher's Daughter
Themes include: Kingdom 1000; letter writing; mazes; Kenning poetry; songs; Anglo-Saxons; Vikings; being our best.
The Golden Apple
Themes include: Kingdom 1000; diary writing; budgeting; inclusion; Anglo-Saxons; Vikings; pressure and surface area.
It's My Cake, Not Yours!
Themes include: returning to school; class charters; fractions; making good choices; Roald Dahl.
The Shapeshifter
Themes include: Shakespeare; making others happy; statistics; animals and habitats; gymnastics.
The Woodcutter's Golden Wand
Themes include: climate change; trees; measuring; materials; persuasive writing.
Through the Forest
Themes include: National Poetry Day; common fairy tales; designing and building; maps.

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