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Epic Storyteller Chip before an illustration of a woodcutter receiving a golden wand from a fairy

The Woodcutter’s Golden Wand

Manmade global warming is an urgent issue today – but did you know the ancients were telling folk tales about it centuries ago? In this Epic, a woodcutter tries being environmentally friendly – but for how long?

Epic storyteller Janina before an illustration of a giant bird carrying a Tudor gentleman

The Shapeshifter

The origin story of Puck from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream! Robin Goodfellow feels like the whole world is out to get him until he receives some magical fairy powers. Even then, the world has one more lesson for him…

Storyteller Janina with an illustration of a grumpy looking female baker in her kitchen wearing a yellow raincoat and purple hat

It’s My Cake, Not Yours!

Since 13th September is Roald Dahl Day, we’re celebrating the beloved author with a folktale from his town of Great Missenden! Dahl certainly knew of this deliciously horrid villain; will she inspire your children as she inspired him?

The Golden Apple

We continue to mark “Kingdom 1000” with an extra medieval folk tale special to Epic Tales. King Edmund returns from battle with the most precious of treasures: a gold apple that promises good luck—but only if you give it away

The Eel Catcher’s Daughter

Here’s an extra special Epic Tale. 2020 is the year of “Kingdom 1000”, celebrating 1,000 years of inclusion and human rights in the UK – and here we share the story that started it all…

The Three Sillies

In this classic European folk tale, a handsome young man gets engaged to a beautiful young woman. But it all goes horribly wrong when the handsome man discovers that his fiancée and her parents aren’t very sensible…

Storyteller Andy Lawrence with an illustration of cave men

Ug, Bug and Dug

For the cave people of the Oogadugga Oogadugga Oogadugga clan, Stone Age life is comfortable—while the fire keeps going. The fire going out would be a disaster, as none of them know how to make it. But when it’s Dug’s

Storyteller Chip in front of an illustration of an Ethiopian boy sat on a snowy mountain watching a fire in the distance

The Distant Fire

To pay a doctor to care for his sick mother, 6-year-old Abel accepts a challenge to spend a night atop a mountain with no shirt or fire to keep him warm. Will the distant support of his friend Hakim help

Storyteller Amber in front of an illustration of a girl in a bonehouse bravely picking up a skull

Brave Mary

Your young learners will shiver with delight as they encounter ghosts and skeletons… but they needn’t fear, as Brave Mary will be by their side!

Storyteller Chip with an illustration of Viking gods spitting into a jug

The Potion of Poetry

The Viking gods decide it’s time to invent stories, and mix a potion of poetry to share with the world. But when it’s stolen, the god Odin finds himself up against a troll who now has the power of the

Storyteller Chip in front of an illustration of a knight at the edge of a forest with a dragon in a satchel

Sir Fulladred and the Dragon’s Heart

To become strong, clever, and brave, the only thing Sir Fulladred needs is to eat a dragon’s heart. But since he’s weak, silly, and fearful, he only stands a chance against the cat-sized Yu Dragon – or does he? Let

Storyteller Chip with an illustration of an Arab

Merchant Ali and the Forty Brigands

In the land once called Persia, you wouldn’t want to go through the forest – but Merchant Ali has no choice. Let your children find out what happens to him in our version of this famous Grecian-Arabian tale!

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