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See what teachers, parents and children say about how our visits inspire...

Isn't it time that all children reached expected standards in reading, writing and maths by KS2 – and enjoyed getting there?

In 2018, only 64% of pupils reached the expected standard in all of reading, writing and maths (source: National curriculum assessments at KS2 in England, 2018).

Teachers Say,

“Our children lack confidence…”
“Our children are tired…”
“Our children just aren’t interested in the topics we have to teach them…”

(sources: teacher canvassing by Epic Tales, 2018)

Children Say,

“I don’t see the point of some lessons…”
“I don’t want to just sit and listen – I want to do stuff!”
“Author visits are boring.”

(source: Y6 pupil survey by Wisbech Reads, 2018)

Ready to change all that in your school?

Want to know more about Epic Learning first? Read on...


Our storytellers use traditional techniques that have enthralled audiences since the dawn of language, stimulating your children to invest in their learning – be it for literacy, PSHCE, or any other subject.

Suddenly they’re not just sitting and listening – they’re enraptured in a world that’s relevant to them, whatever the topic.

“Just that hour of storytelling from you and, when he got home, my boy picked up a book and started reading. First time he’d chosen to do that for himself ever…”

– Parent (& school receptionist), Soham

Ready to book a concentration-enhancing storytelling performance for your school? Click here! Otherwise, please read on...


Whether your storyteller is with your children for 30min, a week, or anywhere in-between, every child contributes – and, moreover, every child feels their contribution is valued.

The holistic, alluring, stimulating learning environment created by an Epic storytelling workshop heightens your children’s enthusiasm – for writing, reading, researching, and more – whilst filling them with self-belief

“When I used to ask my son ‘How was school?’, he would just shrug and say ‘OK’. Now I can’t stop him talking! Your storytelling workshops made a big difference to his confidence – and I think that’s why he’s started performing better in maths lessons too…”

– Parent, Great Wilbraham


Ready to book a concentration-enhancing storytelling performance for your school? Click here! Otherwise, please read on...

Inspiring Creativity

At Epic Tales, we know there’s no such thing as a child with no imagination. Creativity is an essential human trait that underpins a huge gamut of key skills, including problem-solving, empathy, ambition, and even mental arithmetic – to name but a few.

Creativity isn’t a skill that needs to be taught. It’s a muscle that needs exercise. Listening to oral stories is one of the easiest ways to get this exercise. Other creative activities – like reading, writing and arithmetic – then follow naturally.
But there’s more to storytelling than just “doing the voices” or “getting everyone to join in the actions”. That’s why it’s our mission to help and inspire teachers too. Every booking includes an optional after-school INSET as standard, so your school can continue to reap the benefits of storytelling long after your teller’s visit. And if you really want to see the beneficial impact of storytelling in your classrooms, become an Epic School – enrol your staff on one of our training days, or get one-to-one guidance on creating story-led lesson plans.

“The children were enthralled with your storytelling during the 5 days that you were in. I have seen great improvement in their work. I have never seen them so quiet (when they had to be) or so proactive when you gave them activities to work on. The staff also gave me great feedback on the staff meeting, they felt that it gave them ideas to work with.”

– Assistant Head, St Augustine’s School, Solihull

“The children loved every session and the teachers enjoyed teaching the ‘in between’ sessions. The children felt a sense of achievement when they had completed their work and enjoyed performing to the rest of their class. They feel now that they are able to use their imaginations more in story writing because of the skills that Epic Tales taught them. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone.”

– Assistant Head, Round Diamond School, Stevenage

“An excellent day for all. You held the imagination of the children and the adults. It was amazing to watch the responses of the children. Year 6 children lost the whole ‘cool’ attitude and were just mesmerised. Staff training was very refreshing – good to be shown different activities we could use ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing!”

– Heather & Mandie, Year 6 teachers,
Elsworth Primary School

Ready to "sail the 7 Cs" in your school?

Communication, Confidence, Curiosity, Concentration, Creativity and Collaboration across the Curriculum!

It's all possible through Epic storytelling. Choose your package below!

Epic Visits

From 60min to a full school day

Book a storyteller to engage and enthuse your children with a love of story, story-sharing, and any subject under the sun – all within a single day. Plus optional free after-school INSET with every full day booking.

Epic Weeks

3 or 5x 60min workshops per class

With your storyteller returning to your school regularly across a week or two, watch your children's motivation for storytelling, writing and reading grow and grow. Plus option to add Arts Award certification for your children.


INSET days, or one-to-one lesson planning

Inspire your teaching staff with a holistic, story-led approach to lesson planning that can convey the benefits of increased engagement and enthusiasm across your entire curriculum – regardless of storytelling experience or ability.

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