Hulking Headaches

Who can stop a giant? A king? A princess? A hungry farmgirl with hair as long as your arm? Find out in these two fun & enthralling stories for ages 7+!

Author: Chip Colquhoun
Illustrator: Korky Paul

Category: Children’s Fiction

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Tutumu has to give most of the food from her farm to a giant. As Tutumu's belly rumbles more each day, can she keep herself from ending up on the Wrong Side of a Giant?

When a hairy beast by the name of Huff McTough causes an avalanche, the king has no men mighty enough to clear the castle of boulders. But is there anything a princess can do to help?

Enjoy the colossal craziness in this collection of two fun and enthralling short stories! For new and experienced independent readers aged 7+, or reading aloud to ages 4+.

Chip Colquhoun & Korky Paul's Fables & Fairy Tales: Inspiring stories from around the world, retold to inspire you.

These two short tales are great for reading aloud at bedtime with listeners aged 4+, and are also excellent for new and experienced independent readers aged 7+. Each features three beautifully detailed illustrations.


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