Authors: Chip Colquhoun and Rebekah OwenIllustrators: Korky Paul and Mario CoelhoCategory: Educator Guides

All the Better to Read You With: Stories & Lessons to Inspire Reading for Pleasure

“An engaging book with stories, lessons, and skills that provide us with a way to ‘teach’ reading for pleasure that works.” – Toria Bono, Year 4 lead and author of Tiny Voices Talk: Education, Engagement, Empowerment

NB: This is not a comprehension scheme in disguise. Nor will you need an expensive CPD training package. This book contains everything you need to cultivate a Reading For Pleasure mindset among your learners, including:

  • 9 short stories to read aloud and quickly captivate your learners
  • 18 lesson plans to cultivate enthusiasm for reading (NB: not comprehension lessons in disguise)
  • top tips for ‘reading like a storyteller’ – so you can engage your learners, even if you fear performing

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“At last! A fresh, accessible guide to storytelling as an encouragement to young people to read for the joy of it. Should be part of every teacher’s toolkit.” – Ian Whybrow, award-winning author of the Harry and the Dinosaurs series

All the scientific evidence says reading for pleasure boosts academic achievement far more than any other factor. Yet enjoyment of reading is on the decline, and teachers everywhere speak of a stressful struggle trying to engage their learners with the idea. After all... can you teach ‘reading for pleasure’?

This book holds proof that the answer lies in a teaching method with around 40,000 years of success:


This is a book unlike any other. Part illustrated story anthology, part educator's handbook on storytelling, part lesson scheme, it’s designed to help you swiftly and easily enthral your learners – with wondrous tales that will inspire them to seek the joys of books.

Written by a traditional storyteller who‘s performed for hundreds of thousands of children worldwide alongside one of Cambridgeshire’s most experienced teacher trainers, here are the tools to help your learners switch from reluctant readers... recreational readers.


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