We're coming out of our shell...

That's right – it's time to bid a fond farewell to Slogo the Logo, as he makes way for our new image.

It's not just the name and the logo that's changing, though. There's now so much more that our storytelling can do for your family, school, venue and/or event – and by following us over the next few weeks, you'll get to see some of these developments arrive firsthand!

In a moment, we'll give you a sneak preview of some of those developments. But what better way to recognise the fantastic achievements that Snail Tales has made than by announcing how we are officially the Best Family Storyteller 2018, as decided by Lux Magazine's Global Entertainment Awards! The judges made their decision shortly after we set our new name, recognising the important but enjoyable work we do for all age groups. For more details, click here.

So why have we gone EPIC? Because it stands for everything we do – literally!

E is for Engaging. As every teacher, parent and venue programmer knows after seeing our storytellers in action, children (and adults too) are mesmerised by our performances. Our audiences are transported to worlds that they help us to create, ensuring everyone is enjoying the ride.

P is for Participatory. Whether it's a performance, a workshop, or even a children's novel, our art is full of joining in – which helps develop the creativity, confidence and communication of our audiences, too.

IC is for Inspiring Creativity. We only tell stories that are meant to be shared – meaning our audiences are encouraged to go and become storytellers themselves, playing with the plots and characters to gain further life-enriching benefits from the magic of story.

Our new team of directors includes long-standing Snail Tales storytellers Chip Colquhoun and David Ault, both of whom have scripted and performed previous "EPIC" shows to the delight of theatre, festival and school audiences across the world. But we're also delighted to be welcoming Linda King, a former ambassador for the immensely popular GenR8 assemblies in Cambridgeshire, and Rachel Snape, headteacher for the "outstanding" (according to OFSTED) Spinney Primary School in Cambridge and a huge advocate for the power of the arts in schools.

We've also been welcoming new storytellers to our team, including the uke-brandishing aficionado of story across many Milton Keynes libraries known as Sandy Clarke... and the incredibly captivating American storyteller and poet Sarah Brady.

What does all this mean to our audiences? In the very short term, it means our newsletter is suspended for a while – but it will soon be back with more stories, more storytelling tips, and more special offers than ever before! Make sure you've signed up by clicking here.

But there's more – so much more. Here's the tip of the iceberg...


These will be replacing our previous "Storytelling Assemblies On Demand". We listened to your feedback, and the main difference will be the host: by providing these free videos to you via Vimeo instead of YouTube, we know you won't need to worry about necessary school Internet firewalls interfering with your children's ability to enjoy a regular dose of high quality storytelling.

And from now on, we will be releasing our videos in thematic groups – so when you're covering a topic, you'll have a progression of material to share with your children. Perhaps you could use one video to kick off a topic, and another as a class reward...?

Oh – and we're also going to start releasing tips for how to use each ODE, much as we did for our original videos for the Oxford Reading Tree's Traditional Tales series back in 2011 (click here to enjoy). So you'll be able to get even more use out of your regular classroom storytelling!

To benefit from the ODEs as soon as they kick back off again, make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list by visiting www.epictales.co.uk


Our enormously popular Story Wizards (formerly Story Warriors and Little Birds) now has an exciting sequel, especially designed to help your children write their stories! Our expert storytellers and authors will motivate your children to share their creativity, and assist them with tips on style, editing, and more.

In fact, we're so confident of the creativity your children can produce that we will even turn their stories into a book. And we don't mean a glorified pamphlet for no-one but their parents to buy, but a fully-fledged book catalogued by the British Library and made available in bookshops and libraries worldwide.

For more details on Story Wizards Forever, explore www.epictales.co.uk/epic-weeks


Want to reap all the educational benefits of storytelling for your children – concentration, confidence, communication, etc – whilst also helping the world to see proof of its impact?

Then soon, you'll be able to register to be an Epic School. As well as discounted visits from storytellers, you'll receive one-to-one assistance from our expert, experience team on designing story-led lesson plans which fully engage your children and motivate them to explore every subject under the curriculum.

And the difference this makes to your school will go into our report for the Education Select Committee and the Department for Education as to the impact of storytelling – which has so far shown to be far more efficient and effective than teaching by rote, Talk For Writing, and other methods...

If you like the sound of being one of the first Epic Schools, then you'll definitely want to make sure you're signed up to our mailing list by visiting www.epictales.co.uk!


It won't be long before we're also able to share with you news of some exciting commissions that will benefit children, schools and communities across the country... the fantastic new additions to our children's fiction catalogue... plus an extra special offer just for teachers...

But we're getting ahead of ourselves...

Are you looking forward to an EPIC future with us? Is there anything you'd like to see us doing that you're worried we may have missed? Please let us know by joining the conversation below...!

Proving the power of storytelling

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