Education in Malta goes Epic!

Families enthralled by Chip's storytelling at Valetta's Central Public Library

Last month, our storyteller Chip received an invitation from Malta's National Literacy Agency. It was an adventure that saw Chip sharing stories with not only hundreds of enthralled children and their families, but also the country's Prime Minister!

Even more excitingly than that, though, Chip delivered a seminar with representatives from almost every school in the country – and it seemed like every single one of the teachers, headteachers and reading animators present wanted to speak to Chip personally afterwards and let him know their commitment to enhancing their children's engagement in lessons with Epic Learning.

That's an island of around 400,000 people now experiencing the power of storytelling to raise confidence, attainment, and well-being!

That was probably because, even during the short time Chip was with them, the Maltese educators saw proof that it worked! When TVM, the nation's main news channel, interviewed some children after Chip's first performance, one boy explained, "I’ve learnt lots of new things, for instance that storytelling has been going on for 30,000 years."

And one girl added, "Stories are important for our lives. And during this event, I’ve met with several other students and made new friends."

You can watch these interviews and read TVM's report at

More excitingly, you can hear a snippet of Chip's performance at Valetta's Central Public Library by clicking here to visit our Facebook page.

Chip with his Maltese support and guides Kristine (left) and Angele (right)

It was a pretty full-on three day trip, and Chip didn't have time to visit much of the fantastic scenery and architecture that Malta has to offer. But in the 2 hours between his final performance and his flight home, he was most grateful to his Maltese support and guides — Kristine and Angele (pictured) — for giving him a wonderful whistle-stop tour of the nation's capital. And he had extra gratitude for those he met in the agency who shared their local stories and folklore with him too!

While Chip was out there, he discussed with Malta's National Literacy Agency how we could deliver such powerful learning techniques in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way in the future. The answer was Epic Learning Online: web-based courses on using storytelling to enhance engagement in lessons and improve children's confidence, attainment, and well-being at school.

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Proving the power of storytelling

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