Local and Community History Month

This week's free storytelling video for schools marks Local and Community History Month – a really important month for storytellers, since it's a chance to turn true stories of local heroes into legends!

Chip's local area has some names who are very worthy of this honour for their role in the Soham Rail Disaster of 1944. Hear their story here – and if you'd like to read Chip's original telling in Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children, you can get a copy by clicking here. Plus leave a message here on our blog, or @EpicTalesST on Twitter or Facebook, to find out how you could get Chip to sign your copy!

Storytelling Assemblies On Demand are every Thursday of term time. Share them with all the children in your school using your hall's projector, or in the classroom with an interactive whiteboard. You can also watch the videos early by signing up to our newsletter via our homepage: www.epictales.co.uk

Suitable for all ages from FS to KS2 (4 to 11).

Proving the power of storytelling

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