First King in a Dress, First Epic in EdFringe!

When our founding storytellers Chip and Amy first stepped onto a small rural theatre stage in 2009 to share their adaptations of stories created by children aged 7 to 11, they never thought their company would make its Fringe debut 10 years later with yet more adaptations of children's own tales at the popular venue of theSpace!

And they certainly couldn't have predicted that this Fringe debut would also share the important story of the first King of England – let alone the first King of England in a dress!

Vikings, giants and magic await you in this fun-packed historical adventure. Will Ethelred get his mum back? Why has the king turned up on his doorstep dressed like a peasant? And just why does the king want to wear the old clothes of Ethelred's mum? Find out in this delightful adaptation of an English legend that's rammed full of engaging storytelling, original music on an ancient instrument and plenty of joining in!


Suitable for all ages from 3+, but especially for ages 7 to 11, you can catch The First King at theSpace Triplex (venue 38) from 12th to 17th August at 11:55am, or from 19th to 24th August at 3:05pm.

Find tickets at the official Fringe website here:

What's It About?

The legend tells how King Knut, a Viking, forged an unlikely friendship with an Anglo-Saxon peasant girl – breaking barriers of culture, class, gender, and even age. This makes the tale especially relevant for audiences today, at a time when UK communities seem increasingly divided.

There is evidence that the legend is based on truth – check out Who Made England, the book written on the subject by our storyteller Chip and published by The History Press – and next year Cambridgeshire County Council will lead cross-country celebrations of England’s 1,000-year origins under the name "Kingdom 1000".

But we at Epic Tales, who are producing resources for the Kingdom 1000 event, are making our Fringe debut a chance for families to enjoy the tale ahead of almost everyone else. Some families have seen it already, though, and you can find out what they thought by watching this video...

We look forward to hearing your thoughts too! Let us know in the comments below if you'll be able to join us at the Fringe – or tag us on Facebook or Twitter with @EpicTalesST!

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