"This is worse than torture!" | Guy Fawkes at the fair!

Guy Fawkes returned from the dead again this year, courtesy of Cambridge Live Trust and Snail Tales. His main job was to remind citizens about the fantastic free fireworks event run by the charity every year on Midsummer Common, and also announce the winners of the Trust's "Spooky Poem" competition.

But while he waited for the bonfire bonanza to begin, Guy was enchanted by the lights and sounds coming from the nearby travelling fairground. So he paid it a short visit – accompanied by make-up artist Emma Sutcliffe, the lady responsible for helping him look as alive as a hanged, drawn and quartered 411-year-old can.

And it did indeed turn out to be a short visit. You can see from the photos below that Guy was left pretty shocked by his first fairground experience on the Waltzers. He was brave enough to try a second ride, though, which this time we caught on film – so you can watch poor Guy's reactions...

Maybe being burned atop a bonfire isn't so bad after all, Mr Fawkes?

Afterwards, though, Guy returned to the Cambridge Live VIP tent to join the Mayor of Cambridge in reading out the shortlisted entries for the recent "Spooky Poem" competition – and then announcing the winners – in the 8-11 and 12+ categories.

We've uploaded the clip of Guy reading the poems, and the certificates which followed.

Guy has also been visiting schools in the Cambridge area to help children from 5-11 learn more about the Gunpowder Plot, and also pick up tips for writing their own "Spooky Poems"... and it's not too late for him to visit your school! For more details on bringing Guy to your school, click here.

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