You're a storyteller? Lyre!

For our latest production, our storyteller Chip has been getting to grips with a new instrument: a Saxon-era lyre!

The lyre was one of the most popular instruments of its time, probably played as much as guitars are today.

But they sadly fell out of regular use several hundreds of years ago – even before modern musical notation had been invented.

Meaning Chip is having to teach himself... and has also had to create his own notation to compose the songs for our latest theatrical production! You can see his first attempts in the photo.

Although modelled very closely on original Saxon lyres, this Snail Tales version has a few advantages over its ancestors – including an additional register so it can play 12 notes (the originals only had 6 or 7), and the ability to plug into an electric guitar amplifier.

So when you come to see The First King of England... in a Dress!, you can expect an authentic Saxon sound... plus some exciting modern ones!

The lyre was built especially for Snail Tales by Frank of Strye Instruments, who you can find on Etsy.

To learn more about The First King of England... in a Dress!, and to book tickets, click here.

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