Pirate Grace and the Mermaid Medicine

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Basic telling

When an entire pirate ship succumbs to a deathly cough, what will save the day? Find out in this fun adaptation of a universal traditional tale – with some real Irish piracy history thrown in...!

Once you've watched this telling of the story, try watching the enhanced version below to see if you can spot the differences – and see how many new words you can already understand without needing to use a dictionary...!

Enhanced Telling

After you've listened to this telling of the story, can you guess what some of these words or phrases mean? Have a think first, then check with a dictionary to see if you are right: click here for our favourite online dictionary.


And afterwards, try using these words in your own writing for your grown-ups and teachers – or even in the Creative Challenge below...!

"lavishly decorated"
"vividly coloured"
"drastic action"
"daubing her dress"
"sole purpose"
This story's Epic Challenge!

Pirate Grace was in fact a real-life "Pirate Queen" from the time of the Tudors. Living to the age of 70, she had plenty of adventures. Her autobiography would be quite fun to read... so your challenge is to write it!

Watch this video for some ideas to get you started, then send your creations to us for a chance to get a mention in our next #SharingShpecial...!

Sharing Shpecial!

Every weekend, we post a bonus video featuring your responses to our stories, your own stories, your attempts at our Creative Challenges, and more!


This week we hear from you, our Epic Story Circle, with an illustration for our most recent story, Pirate Grace! Plus Chip shares a bonus tale for the bank holiday weekend...

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