Snail Tales Assembly: Limerick Folk Tale Challenge

First released: Thursday 26th April 2018

On the 12th of May every year,
We celebrate Edward Lear.
His poeticism
Was full of a rhythm
We're ready to share with you here!
Mark Limerick Day with some witty 5-line fairy tales...

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Suitable for all ages from EYFS to KS2.


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Guess the Fairy Tale
  from the Limerick...

A prince who had thought his love true

Lamented, "Oh what shall I do?

I asked her to stay

But she just ran away

And all I have left is her shoe!"

There once was a sweet little man

Who feared being eaten and ran.

He made a mistake

When he came to a lake

And asked Fox, "Swim as fast as you can!"

A girl who had long golden hair

Found a cottage and broke a small chair.

She started to snore

Then woke up and saw

Three creatures – which gave her a scare!

A girl got a nasty surprise

When the teeth of her gran grew in size!

She started to stutter

And called a woodcutter

Who made some delicious wolf pies.

A boy who was fond of his greens

Traded his cow for some beans.

His angry mum shouted,

But when the beans sprouted

It led to gargantuan scenes!

A monster made everyone wince –

With his claws he could turn you to mince!

But a girl fair of feature

Showed love to the creature,

Transforming him into a prince.

I've a similar story to tell

'Bout a princess who played near a well:

Along came a frog

Who asked her for a snog

To unravel a mystical spell.

There once was a princess who said,

"I have such a pain in my head!

My front and my back

Are all bruised blue and black

Because of this lump in my bed!"

Two kids found a house made of cake

Where a witch wished to eat them like steak!

Her heart had no love in –

But she fell in the oven,

And the kids turned the settings to bake!

A troll met a goat who was trickier

And said his big brother was lickier.

The troll found the latter

Both bigger and fatter,

But also alarmingly kickier!

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