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Celebrating a millennium of inclusion in Britain

What is Kingdom 1000?

It’s a legend with close ties to a Cambridgeshire village: in 1020AD, Britain’s Danish conqueror Knut was inspired by his friendship with English peasants from Littleport to grant all medieval Britain’s people, rich or poor, the equal right to petition the king.

Whether the tale is fact or fiction, Knut’s law most definitely exists. Throughout the summer of 2020, the Kingdom 1000 project will raise awareness of the historic roots underpinning modern human rights – with support from Cambridgeshire Music, Arts Council England, Voluntary Arts UK, the World Storytelling Café, and others.

Join the conversation on social media now – search the hashtag #Kingdom1000 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Launching in July 2020, this website will…

  • stream free videos exploring both the documentary evidence and the folk tales surrounding them – such as how Queen Ethelfleda beat Vikings with bees!

  • allow the public to add images and video with creative responses to the history, which the project’s committee hope to curate for a final event being planned for June 2021

So prepare to take part in one of humanity's most significant millennial celebrations!

For further details, and to arrange interviews with key historical experts from the Universities of Cambridge and Manchester, contact Janina Vigurs via 033 0001 7714 or

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