Here is a selection of the reviews and feedback we’ve received from our audiences throughout the years – from our theatre shows and school visits.

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Theatre Shows

Praise for The First King of England in a Dress (2016)

“A a wonderful show packed with ideas... With an array of delightful songs and storytelling crammed with moments for audience participation, this splendid group engaged an audience of mostly children in a world that stretched the imagination and brought to life snippets of reality of a time for which there are few records. There should be much more of this kind of activity!”
– Ely Standard, December 2016

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“It is a real treat to have something of the quality of your performance in a small village like this one... From where I was sitting I had a good vantage point for watching the children and they were absolutely absorbed.” – Kirtling Village Hall Manager, January 2017


Praise for A Pinch of Pickle, a Whisk of Wise (2013)

“The youngsters sat on the edge of their seats, enthralled as the tales unfolded, with plenty volunteering to go on stage and join in... This lively blend of stories brought to life by a team full of improvisation and imagination is highly recommended – a real must for unique and enjoyable kids’ entertainment.”
– Local Secrets, February 2014


Praise for A Bird In Your Ear (2011)

“Snail Tales were gifted storytellers, acting out tales written by children ranging from age 4 to 11 years old, all of them brilliant in their own way. With dancing, singing, and even some puppetry, this was a show that left their young audience enthralled from start to finish... Light-hearted, humorous, and with a moral compass, this is a production not to be missed.”
– Raring 2 Go, April 2012

Praise for A Little Bird Told Me (2010)

“A live potion of CBeebies mixed with Playdays and a little Jackanory thrown in[...] The inventive and wondrous childish mind is delightfully brought to life.”
– The Stage, October 2010      


“The lively stories invented by children were vividly brought to life by the talented performers… An exciting blend of storytelling, music, puppetry and audience participation.”
– Ann Stromanis, General Manager, Angles Theatre (Wisbech)

“A delight from start to finish. With an array of glittering costumes and puppets and lots of stories, the show was well received by children and adults alike.”
– Katrina Dixon, Events Officer, Bedford Corn Exchange, 2009

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Audience feedback from the tour of
A Bird in Your Ear
Chip, by Cora aged 9
George's Mum, by Jake aged 6
Orion & the Hydra, by Sam aged 9


Feedback from Full/Half Day Visits

"Kids were very engaged in the dynamic sessions. You found the perfect pitch for their age and ability. Thank you for all your efforts in preparing a great day!"
– Yr4 teacher, Westminster Under School, London

"Our children were given creative freedom in a supportive environment which allowed them to explore their own skills creatively and in a different way to the classroom environment. They really enjoyed the performance aspect."
– Literacy Co-ordinator, Spinney Primary School, Cambridge

"You had good control, and it was great that the children were actively involved in the story and that so many children were able to participate."
– Teacher, Madingley Prep School, Cambridgeshire

"Here is an engaging, thought-provoking troupe which will provide you with everything: education, entertainment and value-for-money."
– Head of English, Cumnor School, Sussex

"It was better than TV!"
– Evan, age 6, Barhill Primary School, Cambridgeshire

"An excellent day for all. Chip held the imagination of the children and the adults. it is amazing to watch the responses of the children. Year 6 children lose the whole 'cool' attitude and are just mesmerised. Staff training was very refreshing – good to be shown the different activities we could use ourselves. Thanks for sharing!"
– Heather and Mandie, Year 6 teachers, Elsworth Primary School, Cambridgeshire

"I thought it was really good and I want people to know how good Chip is at storytelling. I think his storytelling is super because he does really good expressions, describes the characters and settings really well, and makes up really interesting stories that everyone enjoys."
– Elizabeth, age 8, Elsworth Primary School, Cambridgeshire

Other children from Year 6 in Elsworth were asked if they thought storytelling is important. Here are some of their responses...

Charlotte: "Because it can take other people's ideas further and it inspires people to make their own story."

Amy: "If I can treasure the story, when I'm older everyone will be able to treasure the story. It will go on for generations and generations."

Ruby: "They are amazing stories that need to be told and shared with as much excitement as [Chip] created. If we didn't tell stories we wouldn't know how to survive, to have an imagination and create pictures in our minds."

Mary: "It was a very good story and I'm sure my parents and friends would want to hear it too, so I am going to share it with them. Storytelling helps you pass on survival skills, funny stories and imagination."

Thomas: "Because it's a way of communicating and staying sociable and it can warn you about dangers."

Saleem: "Because I am doing one of the most important things I could ever do and because it is enjoyable. If we didn't tell stories we wouldn't have any idea on how to live."

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Feedback from Multi-Day Visits

"Thanks for your fun and educational visit. The children were so enthused by your visit [which] helped build their self-esteem and speaking and listening abilities. As a teacher, it helped to see such useful techniques to enthuse and inspire the children[...] Further, it helped with future lesson planning ideas, which should help in Literacy specifically, but more broadly across the curriculum. Your enthusiasm for the subject was more than evident, and you had an excellent rapport with the children."
– Russell Dempsey, Year 4 teacher, Our Lady of Compassion School, Solihull

"[Our children] absolutely loved each session with Snail Tales. Chip and Amy are delightful and work well with children and teachers. I would recommend this type of workshop again."
– Head of Yr2, Lakenheath Elementary School, Suffolk

"We will miss you and your wonderful telling. You are the best storytellers ever."
– Jenna, age 8, Lakenheath Elementary School, Suffolk

"Our children enjoyed producing and performing their stories. The instructors were able to keep them interested and motivated, and increase their confidence. The content was appropriate for the age group and I will continue to use the warm-up ideas in the classroom."
– Teacher, Class 2 (Years 2-5), Townley Primary School, Cambridgeshire

"We picked a small group of 'reluctant writers' to take part[...] The children loved every session and the teachers enjoyed teaching the 'in between' sessions to help generate ideas for the story making sessions. The children felt a sense of achievement when they had completed their work and enjoyed performing their work to the rest of their class. They feel now that they are able to use their imaginations more in story writing because of the skills that Snail Tales taught them. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone."
– Samantha Riddell, Assistant Head-Teacher, Round Diamond School, Stevenage

"The stories made us learn more and they gave us more words so we can use them in our stories."
– Mahin, age 7, St Philip's School, Cambridge

"The children were enthralled with your storytelling during the five days that you were in. I have seen great improvement in their work[...] I have never seen them so quiet (when they had to be) or so proactive when you gave them activities to work on. The staff also gave me great feedback on the staff meeting, they felt that it gave them ideas to work with. It really was a most enjoyable week."
– Helen Bourke, Assistant Head, St Augustine's School, Solihull

"The children were engaged from the start of workshop 1 right up to the end of workshop 5. I will certainly continue to make reference to the work they've done in future lessons, especially in terms of confidence and the progression in story making. The whole project was thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to others."
– Year 5 Teacher, Thomas Eaton Primary School, Cambridgeshire

"I have learned how to tell a story without books! I can see how fun and simple it is to tell a story. Chip and Amy give you lots of confidence. I can even do different stories in different voices."
– Amy, age 9, Thomas Eaton Primary School, Cambridgeshire

"We worked with Chip last term and it was FANTASTIC! The children were captivated by his storytelling and were motivated to write and write and write and write. The workshops particularly appealed to our boys; two of our poorest writers came alive in this project. Thank you so very much!"
– Sue Mitchell, Headteacher, Giles Junior School, Stevenage

"My children were so enthusiastic about the sessions! The week was great. I'm impressed that you kept them interested throughout, the year 2s and the year 4s, and I loved the way each workshop followed on from the last. Such deceptively simple but very effective techniques!"
– Gail Jerman, Assistant Head, St Edmund's Primary School, Suffolk

"When I used to ask my son 'How was school?', he would just shrug and say 'OK'. Now I can't stop him talking! Your storytelling workshops have made a big difference to his confidence – and I think that's why he's started performing better in maths lessons too."
– Parent of a Year 6 pupil from Great Wilbraham Primary School, Cambridgeshire

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Feedback from Social Media

Audience feedback from the tour of
The First King of England in a Dress

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