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Probably the most popular use of storytelling in schools is to improve children's literacy – either orally and/or with the written word.

But these skills aren't learnt through imitation alone. Copying words or actions doesn't breed innovation or independence with language. Such creativity is born from experience – and that's the area where true oral storytelling, rooted in folklore, has a huge quarry to mine...

With a short course of workshops spread across a week or more, your Epic storyteller will help guide your children on a journey of discovery – not just towards making stories, but towards making good stories – the kind your children will want to share.

In fact, we're so confident about your children's capacity for creativity that our final Epic Week course at Key Stage 2 results in a professionally-produced publication – not the kind that is sold only to your children's parents, but the kind that will be found in bookshops and libraries around the world!

And if that's not all, Epic Tales is an accredited Arts Award Centre – meaning your children can receive regulated qualifications from Trinity College London from as young as 7! 

Tap on the Key Stage of your children to find out what Epic Weeks we offer for them – or scroll down to make a booking.


Regardless of the programme(s) you choose, the size of your school or your location, we'll work with you to ensure your Epic Week is affordable and excellent value. What's more, we guarantee it will never be more than £1500 per week* – even if you choose more than one course at once – and there's currently no need to add VAT.


Early Years/ Foundation Stage


Key Stage One

Key Stage One/Two

Key Stage Two

And don't forget: every Epic Week booking includes free after-school INSET for your whole school staff as standard.

*We regret that schools outside of England and Wales may have to pay a small additional surcharge to cover our travel and/or accommodation. Please note that Arts Award certification will also require an additional surcharge.

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