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The storyteller of Oxford Owl video favourites The Big Carrot and The King and His Wish and the multi-million selling illustrator of Winnie and Wilbur and Sir Scallywag bring you

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Full stories only (no need to complete an Epic Challenge)

The REAL King of the Jungle

Whoever called the lion “the king of the jungle” clearly hadn’t met Tenduay the leopard. Tenduay is causing so much devastation to the jungle that the other animals are forced to agree to an uncomfortable arrangement…

Urashima and the Underwater Kingdom

Kind-hearted Urashima cares for everyone on his street in Japan, and even rescues a turtle from some absent-minded children on the beach. But even Urashima is surprised when the ocean chooses to reward his good deeds…

The Forbidden Christmas

A Mexican Christmas could end tragically when young Lola discovers the bridge won’t take the weight of the festive parade. But since she’s stuck in mud with a twisted ankle and just a donkey for company, what can she do?

Yami and Yama

In the UK, the first week of December is National Grief Awareness Week – and no story is better for approaching this sensitive subject with your class than this beautiful Hindu creation myth.

An illustration of a boy sitting in tears with a dog and a dinosaur, while a goat watches from a field of flowers

Olaf’s Goat

Olaf’s simple life is turned upside-down when the goat he cares for is distracted by a field of sweet-tasting flowers. But help arrives for Olaf – from a very unexpected source…

Storyteller Chip in front of an illustration of Brer Bunny raising his fists against a bunny made of tar

Brer Bunny and the Tar Bunny

The best story to provide a safe space to explore the sensitive topic of bullying has to be the “origin” story of southern US folklore’s undisputed hero! Though when it begins, Brer Bunny (aka Brer Rabbit) isn’t all that heroic…

Actor Jane Bower in front of an illustration of an injured soldier lying in No Man's Land during World War One

Herbert’s Foot

On 11th November, countries worldwide remember the sacrifices made by soldiers. To help you sensitively explore themes of remembrance with your children, we have a story from renowned actor Jane Bower – but is there any truth to it?

Storyteller Janina in front of an illustration of King George III watching a bonfire with a butler by his side

To Heaven and Back

King George loves bonfires! And he’s especially happy with this once, since it will send George the builder to help his father in heaven. But George the butler is happy too, as this means Mrs George needs a new husband…

Epic storytellers Chip and Janina in front of an illustrated Whitby Abbey and farm house

Hilda & Caedmon

For All Saints Day, we have a true story written by a saint about saints! If Caedmon sings, he loses his job – or his head. But then songs start appearing in his head, and he can’t help letting them

Illustration of a medieval German guitarist dancing through Hamelin with a parade of rats behind him

The Spooky Strummer of Hamelin

For World Singing Day, we’re inviting the spirit(s) of Halloween early to celebrate with this musical adaptation of a classic fairy tale – one of the few still told in schools that doesn’t have a happy ending…

Epic Storyteller Chip in front of an illustration of the Sun and Moon gazing lovingly at each other

Fit for the Moon

Long before humans stepped on the Moon, the Ancient Mexicans knew that the Sun had asked her to marry him. But she didn’t give him either of the answers he was expecting…

Epic Storytellers Amy and Chip in front of an illustrated woodland scene populated by fairy tales characters King Arthur, Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks in the Three Bears' House, and Beauty's father picking a rose

Through the Forest

The first Thursday of October is National Poetry Day! To celebrate, the Oxford Owl’s “Traditional Tales” storytellers have co-written a truly Epic poem – starring several fairy tale favourites. How many can you spot and/or recognise?

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