Snail Tales Assembly: The Brer Bunny Bop

First released: Thursday 12th October

Our 2nd National Poetry Month assembly is our rockin' ballad of a classic Brer Rabbit tale! Is the hoppin', boppin' trickster just creating havoc? Or are there some perks to his pranks?

Want to join in the full song? Scroll down for the lyrics!


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Suitable for all ages from EYFS to KS2.


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The Brer Bunny Bop

Bunny was a trickster and a mean one too

He loved to play his jokes on all the folks he knew

One day he found a way to play a funny prank

On two snakes living by the riverbank


Let's hop

Every bunny let's hop

With a hippidy-hop don't stop

We're bouncing to the Brer Bunny Bop

Both the snakes thought they were living all alone

Thought the muddy riverbank was all their own

Until the day Brer Bunny came a-hoppin' along

He found a way to make his day and prove them wrong


One by one he visited each muddy slope

Holding in his rabbit paw a piece of rope

He knocked upon the door and when the snake uncurled

Said "I'm the strongest rabbit in the whole wide world!"


Bunny asked the snakes to try a tug-of-war

But neither of the snakes knew what he had in store

He gave them each the rope but it was all pretend

They didn't know the other snake was at the other end


Both the snakes were thinkin' this was easy to win

They tried their very hardest to pull Rabbit in

But Rabbit sat there laughing and he just couldn't stop

As they fell into the water with a big SPLASH-PLOP!


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