We all know children learn best from stories.
Learn how to help all children learn best with yours.

In our controlled study with EU Lifelong Learning, children who were taught through storytelling had an average test score 25% higher than those taught by rote.

But what about those children who don't engage? The 10-year-old who would rather play football? The class of screaming 4-year-olds? The autistic child who refuses to make eye-contact? Doesn't the reliance on language, focused listening, and/or eye-contact ostracise them?

This has never been the case for our Epic Storytellers. Teachers constantly tell us they never expected so-and-so to join in, they've never seen their class sit and listen for so long, or that their SEN learners had so much to say after hearing "that story".

Perhaps this comes as no surprise—storytelling done well provides a relaxed and fun environment. But in 2013, a study from the Institute of Education revealed that "children who read for pleasure outperform their peers in all subjects".

Not just literacy—"all subjects". In other words, children who are relaxed and enjoying their learning tend to achieve more across the curriculum.

OFSTED notices too. Their report of Godinton Primary in Kent was made towards the end of their Epic Learning CPD, and concluded, "Pupils make good progress in lessons and attain above-average standards in reading, writing and mathematics, helped considerably by exploring good examples from their teachers.”

That year, OFSTED raised Godinton's rating from "Satisfactory" to "Good".

This is how Epic Tales can really help your school—not just by providing a fun day of storytelling performances and workshops for your children, but by helping your staff to...

  • interest and engage their entire class with storytelling, regardless of age, ability, background, or interests;

  • know the right stories to tell for teaching any subject to any child—and how to tell them;

  • see noticeable improvements in their children's attainment, confidence, and wellbeing.

It's not right for every school. But being Epic Storytellers requires Epic Listening and Epic Honesty—so after hearing your school's story, we'll let you know if it's not the right time for you yet.

To request that conversation, please complete the form below to send us your details.

We look forward to hearing your story soon!

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