The Three Sillies

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Basic telling

A handsome young man gets engaged to a beautiful young woman. But that's only the start—and it all goes horribly wrong when the handsome man discovers that his fiancée and her parents aren't very sensible...

Your young learners will be laughing out loud as Chip shares this classic European folk tale—after a suggestion from among YOU, our #EpicStoryCircle!


Once they've watched this telling of the story, let them watch the enhanced version below to compare them – and see how many new words they can already understand without needing to use a dictionary...!

Enhanced telling

Chip shared the UK version of this folk tale, but there are many others—not just in the UK, but across Europe! Romanian storyteller Giorgiana Popan shares the version from her part of the continent—along with a song for your children to enjoy some of her culture!


After they've enjoyed this story, see how many of the words below your young learners now understand without needing a dictionary—including the Romanian! Perhaps then encourage them to try using these words in their writing for their grown-ups and teachers—or even in the Epic Challenge below...

"bărbat frumos"
"femei frumoasă"
"tont" or
This story's Epic Challenge!

In this Epic Challenge, we ask your young learners to think of an ordinary problem, then "solve" it in the silliest way possible. Share this video with your children for some ideas to get them started, then send their creations to us for their chance to get a mention in our next #EpicSharingShpecial...!

Sharing Shpecial!

Every weekend, we post a bonus video featuring your responses to our stories, your own stories, your attempts at our Epic Challenges, and more!


In this week's "Sharing Shpecial", the silliness of a young lady from our #EpicStoryCircle earned the chance for Chip to share the ending of "The Three Sillies" for everyone!

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Click the podcast link below to stream or download an audio telling of the story – available from 4pm on Monday 29th June.

For grown-ups

Click the podcast link below to stream or download a discussion between our storytellers and some creative teachers and parents, to discover this story's links to the National Curriculum – along with easy and fun ways to explore those links with your children. Available from 4pm on Monday 29th June.

Click the link below to download a written version of the story to read.

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